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Client Name – Aerosphere Aviation FZE, Nigeria 

Project/Proposals Title – Airport engineering

Details – Engineering and design for runway, taxiway, apron, turnpad, IAPP, ILS, AGL and marking.

Status – Ongoing (2023)

Client Name– Berk Amal, Turkmenistan

Project/Proposals Title – Structural upgrade for offshore platforms

Details – Review, checking,estimation of quantities and MHs , preparation of engineering execution philosophy and project schedule for modification/upgrade of 13 nos offshore platforms

Status – Completed

Client Name– SGM Turkmenistan

Project/Proposals Title – Subsea Pipelines

Details – Detailed review, route selection, pipeline laying procedure, engineering execution philosophy, engineering calculation, identification and mitigation of risks, advising on marine spread for 2 nos sub-sea pipelines

  • Gas lift pipeline (4″), operating pressure 2500psi, design pressure 3550psi, 8 MMSCFD, 2Km
  • Gas lift & gas injection pipeline (4″), operating pressure 3850psi, design
    pressure 4100psi, 10 MMSCFD, 3Km

Status – Year-2022 (completed)

Client Name– SGM, Turkmenistan

Project/Proposals Title – Replacement of pedestal cranes

Details – Details review, checking, estimation of quantities and MHs, preparation of engineering execution philosophy, calculations, SACS analysis, vendor coordination and identification of risks and mitigation plan for 5 nos of replacement of pedestal cranes for offshore platforms.

Status – Completed (2022)

Client Name– Berk Amal, Turkmenistan

Project/Proposals Title – New flare system

Details – Detailed review, FEED verification report, estimation of quantities & MHs, pricing, project schedule, identification of risk & mitigation, engineering execution philosophy, vendor coordination for new flare system (220 MMSCFD)

Status – Ongoing